Food is Edible Art, Afterall

In a previous life, I was a food blogger.  My website was called Every Nook & Cranny.  I shared my recipes for years and years then I became unwell and unable to carry on.  That website can be found here but do be advised, I turned vegan as I recovered so this site is definitely omnivorous.

Header from previous wevsite, Every Nook and Cranny

It took time to put myself back together, but I did, and I even fulfilled a dream I never imagined would actually come true – I became a chef in a vegan restaurant for 9 months.

It was through that job that I regained my passion for food and as time has gone by, I’ve wanted to share my wholefood, plant based (vegan) recipes with people in an easier to use format than an Instagram story.

So forgive the apparent randomness – yes, I am an artist but I am also a food lover so here come my favourite, tried and tested, and often repeated recipes.  I really hope you enjoy them.

Latest Recipes

  • Instant Pot Misr Wot

    • Cuisine type: Ethiopian
    • Number of servings: 4
    • Oil free recipe: Yes
    • Gluten free recipe: Yes
    • Approx Syn value: 0