Making art every day is meditation for those who can’t sit and simply do nothing



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Baby Boy2023-01-12T14:01:32+00:00
Watercolour of a baby boy sat up smiling and waving wearing a cream onesie with a thin navy stripe.
Coffee Bean Illustration2022-12-13T14:08:38+00:00
Illustration of coffee beans and the word COFFEE in watercolour
Portrait 82022-12-13T14:10:34+00:00
Single colour (indanthrone blue) of a woman in profile, eyes open and looking up
Portrait 72022-12-13T14:11:54+00:00
Watercolour painting with graphite underdrawing of a man with his head pointed to the right, eyes closed, chin lifted.


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Photo of Jo - a woman with long dark brown/auburn curly hair smiling to camera, wearing a matching stripy top and headband.

More About The Frosted Blueberry

Jo is the artist behind this site.  She lives on the North West coast in a sleepy seaside town with her husband.

Her work is made in her Shedio (converted shed studio in the garden) or in one of local coffee shops – she can’t get enough coffee or sketching practice into her everyday life!

Jo loves creating a daily sketch journal to document her life, painting portraits of humans and other animals, is obsessed with watercolour and her growing fountain pen collection.

When not making art, Jo can be found sewing her own clothes, cooking vegan food (she was a chef for a while), watching true crime on Netflix or reading many, many dodgy detective and spy novels on her kindle.

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Creating is the key to being present in the moment.  It is hard not to feel your mind quieten down as you sketch the apple on your desk, or the person across from you in a coffee shop.  It gifts us peace which is so often missing in our busy daily lives.

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